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Our Associates and Expertise

Corporate Law, Tax Law, Arbitration and Commercial Dispute Experts:

Name of AdvocatesQualificationsExperience
Neeraj KumarBA, CS, MBA, LL.B., LL.M.25 Years
Meenakshi JhaB.Com, MBA, LL.B.10 Years
Pankaj KumarB.Com, CS, LL.B.25 Years

Labour Laws, Employee – Employer Disputes and Service Matters Experts:

Name of Advocates Qualifications Experience
Tara Nath JhaBA, LL.B.35 Years
Santosh KumarBA, LL.B.25 Years
Meenakshi JhaBA, LL.B.10 Years

Civil Laws (Property and Family Litigations) Experts:

Name of AdvocatesQualificationsExperience
Tara Nath JhaBA, LL.B.35 Years
Amrendra Kumar SinghBA, LL.B., LL.M.35 Years
Santosh Kumar BA, LL.B. 20 Years
Manoj Kumar BA, LL.B. 20 Years
Hemant Kumar BA, LL.B. 22 Years

Criminal Laws (Corruption, Drugs, Arms, Trafficking, Crimes Etc.) Experts:

Name of AdvocatesQualificationsExperience
Ashok KumarBA, LL.B.35 Years
Ajay TiwariBA, LL.B. 25 Years
Akhilesh Kumar PandeyBA, LL.B. 20 Years
Devender TiwariBA, LL.B. 10 Years
Dheeraj KumarBA, LL.B.10 Years
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