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Practice Areas

Litigation and Arbitration:

Our Law Firm is recognized as one of the leading Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution law firms. We provide services across all domains including corporate disputes, commercial disputes, regulatory disputes, tax disputes, domestic & international arbitration and white collar crimes.

Company Law:

Our Law Firm provides corporate legal services to the clients. We file and present appeal, petition, application, caveat petition, objection, counter presented to the Tribunals.

Banking Finance and Insurance:

Our law firm represents clients before various legal forums in the matters relation to the of banking, finance and insurance sector. Few of them are relating to dishonor of cheques, bank loans to individuals and corporate entities, letters of credit, cheque transactions, bank guarantees etc.

Labour and Industrial Law:

Our Law Firm provides legal advisory services and all types of litigation services in the fields of Industrial Disputes, Labour law cases and employment disputes.

Fee – For Middle Income Group People

Fee – For Small and Medium Scale Businesses

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