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(For Indian Business Enterprises – Legal Retainership Service)


Cordial Support of Lex Infusion “A Welfare Law Firm”

“Under the next phase of the project to provide affordable and efficient legal services to Indian Enterprises”

Objective of Formation of “UDYAM-YUKTI CLUB”

  • “UDYAM-YUKTI CLUB” has been established to provide an affordable and efficient Legal Services By forming “A Group” of Them.
  • By Providing Relevant Legal Advice to Business Establishments at The Appropriate Time, Promoting Their Business Activities and Appropriate Economic Opportunities; And To Create An Enabling Environment for Them To Do Long Term Business.
  • The “UDYAM-YUKTI CLUB” will Act As A “Legal-Protection Shield” for The Enterprises of India, Under Which They will be Able To Settle “Departmental Legal Compliance Matters, Business and Financial Matters at Very Nominal Fee”

“Commercial Establishments”, Who May Become Members of The “UDYAM-YUKTI CLUB”

  • Those Business Establishments, Who are Under Private Sector Organization or Private Enterprise, Undertaking, Institute, Committee, Trust, Non-Government Organization, Unit etc.
  • Those, Who are Commercial, Employment Oriented, Educational, Recreational, Industrial, Health etc. Services Providers.
  • Those, Who Involved in Such Financial Activities, Under Which Services Related to Production, Supply, Sales, Distribution etc. are Provided.
  • Those, Who Involved in Financial Activities, Under Which Various Services are Provided.

Legal Services-Fee Details For “Members Enterprises”

1.Advocate Consultation and Fee for Preparing NoticeNil
2.Advocate Appearance and Argument FeeNil
3.Notice and Case-DraftingNil
4.Case-Filing and Court-Process FeeActual Cost
5.Court-Fees, Forum-Fees, Tribunal-Fees, Typing, Translation, Print, Postage, etc. ExpensesActual Cost
6.Travel Expenses etc. in Courts and Forums Outside PatnaActual Cost
7.GST Return Filing Service (Income Tax Return Filing Service Included)Rs. 500 Per Month
8.Income Tax Return Filing Service (Added in GST Return Filing Service)Nil
9.GST and Income Tax Return Filing “Tax Payable”Actual Cost
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