Lex Infusion

A Welfare Law Firm

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To ensure accessibility of legal services to those citizens of India, who are unable to get fair legal procedure and justice due to economic reason or some other reason.

To support middle class citizens of India to get legal services at reasonable expense and hence promote availability of inclusive legal system to ensure fair and meaningful justice to all.

Mission Statement

1. To create literacy and awareness in terms of constitutional and legal rights and duties in all segment of society.

2. To provide effective legal representation to humiliated, demean and excluded groups of the society.

3. To facilitate free and low-cost legal services to poor and middle class citizens of India.

4. To promote informal, quick, inexpensive and effective resolution of commercial disputes, creating awareness among the middle class businessman and facilitate them to adopt “Alternate Dispute Resolution” mechanisms.

Fee – For Middle Income Group People

Fee – For Small and Medium Scale Businesses

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